The Best Air Mattress For Camping

No matter whether you are car camping alone or with children, selecting an air mattress with real mattress-like comfort and thoughtful camping features such as Hest’s Foamy Sleeping Pad can make or break an experience.

R values (or ability to resist cold ground temperatures) are one of the key metrics of an air mattress for camping. Mats with higher R ratings tend to be warmer but more cumbersome and costly to carry around.


Comfort should always be an important consideration when purchasing an air mattress for camping. From car camping to backpacking trips, your mattress must provide enough support and insulation to allow for an excellent night’s rest; and also have quiet surface fabric so as not to disturb tent mates.

Self-inflating camping pads that deliver on quality feature a twist valve that opens to begin their work. While some require additional breaths for full inflation, all come equipped with quiet surface fabrics and sturdy construction for quiet camping experience.

The Hest Sleep System combines plush memory foam from an at-home mattress with the durability and packability of camping air mattresses, making it one of the most comfortable options we tested. Furthermore, with an R-value rating of 8, this sleeping pad also stands out as one of our warmest camping pads on our list.


Repeatedly inflating and deflating a pad can wear it down over time. Furthermore, punctures from sharp sticks or the claws of an unruly pet can damage it further, so for both storage and use purposes it’s wise to protect the mattress by using a protective cover over its entirety.

An air mattress should provide enough warmth to remain comfortable in most conditions, with its thickness being determined by insulation and fabric thickness. Furthermore, it should also be designed to withstand moisture contamination as well as other environmental elements.

Campers with children or those who frequently change positions in their sleep, may benefit from investing in a taller camping air mattress. This is particularly true if it features hybrid foam/air mattress technology suitable for car camping as well as backpacking; REI makes one such plush model that requires only manual inflation; furthermore it comes complete with durable nylon carrying case and convenient one-way valves that make filling and emptying much simpler.


Air mattresses may be thought of as temporary sleeping arrangements for friends or family when visiting, but they can also make excellent camping accessories. Our tests revealed the best options as providing comfortable, durable and packable solutions that ensure campers experience restful nights spent outdoors.

Hest’s insulated blow-up mattress may pack down smaller than some models in our test, yet is still extremely portable and could easily be taken along on camping trips. This mattress’s moisture-wicking polyester surface and airtight barrier will keep you dry throughout your sleep while its polyurethane foam provides warmth for cool nighttime temperatures. Furthermore, its dual valves for inflation and deflation make use easier and quicker; additionally it features puncture-resistant materials to protect from air leaks caused by rocks or debris found on campsites; plus there’s even a built-in pillow to support your head during restful slumber!


The best camping air mattresses may be more costly than some alternatives, but they can make all the difference in providing an uninterrupted night of restful rest. Our tests showed some models can even block cold from penetrating into your tent – an additional bonus for campers seeking warmth while sleeping outdoors!

NEMO Roamer self-inflates in mere minutes and packs away into a compact, squat package that takes up less space than many other pads. The Roamer stands out from competitors thanks to its thick build, three valves, durable foam construction and comfortable sleeping surface; making this ideal for many campers!

Coleman’s cot is an ideal solution for couples or those needing somewhere to store their gear, offering simple setup and an R-value that keeps you warm on cold nights. Although more costly than some alternatives, its sturdy build makes this purchase worthwhile for regular campers.

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