Top 5 Accessories For Camping

Any camping trip requires several essential accessories for an enjoyable and safe camping experience, including an eco-friendly and reusable water bottle from Black + Blum, an efficient portable power bank for charging mobile phones and an effective shovel for digging holes.

Consider purchasing comfortable folding camp chairs like those from Outwell for relaxing around your campfire, complete with cupholder. These lightweight yet compact chairs provide hours of relaxation!

Black + Blum Water Bottle

The Explorer Bottle Large is an insulated stainless steel bottle designed specifically to keep adventurers hydrated on the move. Featuring a timeless utilitarian aesthetic and featuring only food grade silicone and high quality stainless steel components at the seal, your drink only comes into contact with high quality materials when sealed by this bottle. Plus, its faux leather strap makes carrying convenient while adding rugged charm!

Outwell Coolbox

Outwell offers a selection of deep freeze and icebox models with 30L and 60L capacities that make an excellent addition to camping trips and picnics, providing ample room for meals prepared at home to be taken along, with extra room left over for treats like ice creams!

Built to comply with European Environmental legislation, this energy-saving cool box consumes less power and is the perfect companion for camping trips. Plugged directly into your leisure battery or mains electricity, it operates smoothly.

Decathlon Camping Table

If you’re camping with multiple people or Overlanding for extended periods, investing in a small camping table may be worthwhile. Not only can it protect food, utensils, and other items from being exposed to dust or mud but it can also serve as an instant outdoor desk allowing users to reply emails or edit photos while providing the basis for a camp kitchen setup.

Look for a lightweight model that easily fits into a stuff sack or under your roof rack, while staying within the load capacity of your vehicle.

Decathlon Bedside Table

Our camping designers created this compact bedside table to help store and organize your belongings in limited space environments like festivals and camping trips, where drinks, snacks, and personal items need to be readily accessible. It’s the ideal solution when space is at a premium.

Decathlon products come with a manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise indicated on their specific product pages, which provides certain legal rights that vary depending on state laws and could have additional legal ramifications depending on where you live.

The Muck Boot Company Outscape Boots

If you want the performance and versatility of waterproof boots with lightweight sneaker comfort, then look no further than Muck Boot Company Outscape boots. These slip-on shoes are specially crafted to keep you feeling your best so that you can get more accomplished each day.

These 100% waterproof shoes boast a dual-density footbed with antimicrobial protection to keep your feet dry and comfortable, self-cleaning lugs for easier mud cleanup, as well as an antimicrobial nylon shank to provide underfoot stability when working with garden tools.

The Muck Boot Company Outscape Pants

When you need to do gardening, choring, or hiking on your favorite trails, putting on a pair of shoes is often all it takes. Wouldn’t it be nice if one pair could cover multiple tasks at once? Muck Boot Company designed their Outscape footwear collection just for this purpose: its lightweight 100% muckproof construction enables active outdoor work or play while self-cleaning traction and Dual Density Comfort footbeds keep feet comfortable all day long.

The Muck Boot Company Outscape Cookware Set

These wellie-style boots are an essential camping accessory on days when the skies open up; designed for comfort and 100% waterproof protection, these versatile footwear pieces make walking in mixed terrain much simpler.

This storage organiser is ideal for campers who like to stay organized, offering an easy solution for keeping shoes, books and other belongings organised and accessible at all times. Plus it packs down flat for transport between campsites!

The Muck Boot Company Outscape Storage Bag

These lightweight shoes are 100% waterproof to keep your feet protected in any mucky condition, from working in the garden to tending cows or simply walking trails.

To determine your size, draw two lines across your foot and one just in front of your longest toe and measure the distance between these lines – this will reveal your Muck Boot Company size.

When gardening, gardening shoes come into their own; when choreing requires chore boots; and when walking requires trail shoes. But wouldn’t it be great if there was one pair that could serve all these different functions?

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