10 Must Places to Visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, also known as the land of maharajas, is one of India’s most visited destinations. This list contains the top places to visit in Rajasthan if you’re planning to spend a vacation in this state. If you’re unsure whether Rajasthan is the right place for you to plan your holiday, we can give you an overview of why this North Indian desert kingdom is so important.

Rajasthan’s name conjures up images of long moustaches, colourful turbans and riding painted elephants with a large retinue. These maharajas from Rajputana were once renowned for their bravery, chivalry and romance. Many of these magnificent fortresses have been inscribed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

Culture, art, and architecture thrived under the patronage and support of maharajas from Rajasthan. This is what gives this otherwise barren land its unique appeal. It is known for its vibrant culture, lively bazaars and colourful attire, as well as the many monuments and other attractions that are scattered throughout the state. Rajasthan has many things to offer for everyone.

We present this list of the top places to visit in Rajasthan to help you plan a memorable holiday in India.

1)       Jaipur

Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, is a must-see destination in Rajasthan. Visitors will be captivated by the unique architecture and ancient forts, palaces, and other attractions. It is a wonderful place to make memorable memories with our Jaipur tour packages.

Jaipur is also a part of the popular Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit of India. Visitors are able to see the remnants of an earlier era and get a glimpse of the royal lifestyle of the reigning monarchies. There are also hotels and guesthouses that offer excellent accommodation for visitors to the city.

The Best Season: March – October

Weather: Summer 25degC-47degC, Winter 4degC-30degC

Attractions: Amber Fort, City Palace, HawaMahal, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Laxmi Narayan Temple

2)       Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan due to its natural beauty and man-made structures. Mount Abu is considered one of India’s most beautiful hill stations. It attracts Jain pilgrims due to its many Jain temples. Dilwara is the most well-known.

You can visit beautiful lakes, temples, palaces, and other religious structures. You should not miss the vibrant bazaars. Most of the temples date back to around the 11th or 13th Centuries AD. The architecture and structures of these temples will leave you spellbound. This place is also significant in Hindu Mythology because it is believed that Sage Vashistha performed the great Yagna.

The best season: All year

Weather: Summer 32degC-45degC, Winter 5degC-32degC

Attractions: Sunset Point, Nakki Lake and Toad Rock, Dilwara Temples

3)       Pushkar

Although it is a small, quiet town, Pushkar draws many backpackers and hippie travellers from around the world. Visit the Pushkar Fair in October-November to experience the real colours of the town. It is the largest annual camel festival in the country. The town is also worth a visit any time of the year as per the reviews.

Visit the bustling markets after you have explored the religious ghats in Pushkar. As souvenirs or gifts, you can buy handmade and traditional items.

The Best Season: March – October

Weather: Summer 25degC-45degC, Winter 8degC-22degC

Attractions: Pushkarlake, Varaha Temple and Brahma’s Temple.

4)       Bundi

Bundi is often overlooked as a tourist destination in Rajasthan. Bundi is a great place to visit if you are looking for exciting attractions like temples, lakes, blue houses, vibrant markets, or temples in Jodhpur. Bundi is known for its extraordinary Bundi Palace, ramshackle fort and 60 step wells. Interact with locals to learn about folklores that will enhance your rural travel experience.

The Best Season: March – October

Weather: Summer 35degC-42degC, Winter 5degC-30degC

Attractions: Garh Palace, Taragarh Fort, NawalSagar Lake, Bhoraji-ka-Kund

5)       Udaipur

Udaipur is the ideal place to visit Rajasthan’s finest mansions and palaces. Many palaces are located on the banks of beautiful lakes. One of the most popular palaces in the city Palace, which can be found along the shore of Lake Pichola. These palaces are considered a fine example of Rajput military architecture and Mughal style architecture.

Visitors are captivated by the combination of decorative techniques. Museums are also available, where you can find photos of the royal family, heirlooms, as well as other memorabilia.

The Best Season: September-March

Weather: Summer 23degC-45degC, Winter 3degC-32degC

Attractions: City Palace, Sajjangarh Palace, Sukhadia Circle, Eklingi Temple, Pichola Lake

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6)       Mandawa

Mandawa, one of the most popular towns in Rajasthan, is well-known for its historical significance. The town is located just a short drive from Jaipur and is known as Rajasthan’s quiet hamlet. The town is also home to many tourist attractions that make it an attractive travel destination.

There are many palaces and Havelis, but there are also vibrant markets where you can buy traditional artefacts for souvenirs.

The Best Season: March – October

Weather: Summers 25degC-45degC, Winters 10degC-22degC

Attractions: Mandawa Castle &Havelis

7)       Jaisalmer

Tourists love Jaisalmer for its unique sandstone architecture. The city is described as appearing magically from the sand dunes. The city is overlooked by the ancient fort Jaisalmer, which was built in 1156. This fort is also known to be the “living fort of India”.

Five palaces and a few exquisite mansions (Havelis) are found in the city. There are also several temples. The city also has a variety of heritage and heritage-style hotels that offer accommodation for guests.

The Best Season: March – October

Weather: Summer 25degC-42degC, Winter 7degC-24degC

Attractions: Rajmahal (Sonar Kila), Rajmahal and Tazia Tower

8)       Ranthambore

Ranthambhore is still one of the most popular parks in India for tiger viewing. Rajasthan is a popular tourist destination because it hosts Ranthambore National Park. This national park used to be the hunting destination of several royal families who ruled the state.

This is India’s best national park, with a high chance of seeing a tiger. The Ranthambore Fort (10th century) is another must-see attraction in the area. It features magnificent monuments, ruined pavilions, as well as 3 Hindu temples.

The Best Season: October-April

Weather: Summer 23degC-45degC, Winter 4degC-32degC

Attractions: Surwal Lake, JogiMahl, Ranthambhore Fort and Ranthambhore National Park

9)       Bikaner

Bikaner is home to fewer tourists than Jaisalmer, but it takes pride in being the home of some of Rajasthan’s finest attributes. Bikaner is a great option for Jaisalmer if you are looking for a camel safari. The city’s main attractions include the old city and the fort.

One of the main attractions in the city is the Karni Mata Temple, a rat temple. Make sure to plan your trip around the Karni Mata Festival if you are planning on visiting Bikaner. This festival is where rats are worshipped. It’s one of the most bizarre festivals in India. Every year, in January, there is a Camel Fair.

The Best Season: March – October

Weather: Summer 29degC-47degC, Winter 4degC-30degC

Attractions: Junagarh Fort and Gajner Palace. Lallgarh Palace, Jain Temple. Karni Mata Temple.

10)     Jodhpur

Panorama view of Jodhpur, taken from the Mehrangarh Fort ramparts. Blue painted buildings are why Jodhpur is known as the “Blue City”. This 2nd-largest city in Rajasthan is well-known for its rich architectural heritage and cultural heritage. One of the most popular attractions is the Mehrangarh Fort.

It is also known as the country’s largest fort. The city hosts the Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) every October. The fort has many museums and palaces. The stunning view of Jodhpur’s blue buildings is also available to visitors.

The Best Season: March – October

Weather: Summer 24degC-45degC, Winter 5degC- 20degC Attractions: JaswantThada and Mehrangarh Fort. UmaidBhawan Palace. Balsamand Lake. Mahamandir Temple.

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