The Adventure Travel Trade Association

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is a membership organization whose mission is to drive responsible and sustainable growth in the adventure tourism industry. ATTA members include businesses, destinations, media, and service providers engaged in a wide range of adventures, from trekking to paragliding. The association is a global network of more than 800 companies, including travel agents, specialty tour operators, and lodgings. Members work together to promote sustainable and ethical business practices, and develop best practices and innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of adventure travelers around the world.

The ATTA is a valuable resource for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for the best adventures possible. The organization specializes in providing best practices and safety guidelines for adventure travel activities. It was founded in 1990 and is widely recognized as a leading voice in the industry. Airbnb has partnered with ATTA in the past, as an example.

ATTA’s annual conference, AdventureELEVATE, is a powerful platform for business and education in the adventure tourism industry. The event brings together people from across the world to share insights, share information, and network with one another. It also serves as a platform to discuss industry issues and discuss solutions to problems facing the industry.

Technology is also becoming increasingly important in the world of adventure travel. With the introduction of GPS, apps, and social networking, consumers can learn more about various activities through the Internet. For example, RouteYou, Komoot, and ViewRanger are all popular apps that provide information to potential adventure travellers. They can also use virtual reality (VR) to experience adventure travel like never before.

A few nonprofit organizations have been working to address environmental and social concerns. One such organization, the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund, was established to help fund international projects. All ATCF projects are required to provide frequent updates to its members. There are also several publications available for travel professionals and businesses that focus on adventure travel. The ATTA also welcomes authors and publishers to submit their books.

While ATTA is focused on developing and providing training to adventure travel companies, the association has also served as an advocate for the safety of travelers. This association has helped to develop and implement a number of policies and guidelines that aim to keep the industry safe. In addition, ATTA safety trainers have assisted national governments and other stakeholders in establishing regulations for adventure travel.

Adventure travel also includes social tourism. Adventure tourism involves physical activity, a cultural immersion, and nature. These activities are not geared for everyone. While adventure tourism is a popular category of tourism, many aspects of it are largely untapped. For example, social tourism, which includes activities for the poor and the vulnerable, is often considered adventure tourism.

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