The Top Destinations For All-Inclusive Resorts

Resorts are places of rest. They are usually hotels, but there are some condominiums and other types of resorts that are for profit. The term “resorts” has different meanings to different people, but in general, it is used to refer to any commercial business that offers lodging and other facilities on land that is owned by the resort. A resort is generally a self-contained business that attempts to provide all of a traveler’s needs, including food, drink, accommodation, sports, nightlife, and shopping, within the property.

One type of resort that is common in the Caribbean area is all-inclusive resorts. These resorts provide all of the services of an upscale hotel without the high price tag, and many are located right on the beach or on the grounds of the actual resort. The main attraction for many of these destinations is the weather. The waters around many of these resorts are crystal clear, which creates an atmosphere that is perfect for water sports and other fun activities. A day at the beach is just as relaxing and as enjoyable as a trip to the tennis court or a round of golf on one of the many courses dotting the Dominican Republic.

Some all-inclusive resorts may cater to specific interests or travel plans. For example, some will offer vacation packages that include trips to areas like Panama City or Key West, so vacationers can plan their entire trip based on when they want to visit. Other destinations are flexible in terms of the time of year that tourists can stay. While the Caribbean may be the No. 1 destination for year-round tropical vacations, some destinations like the Bahamas offer year-round vacationers the option to take a quick swim or visit the beach during the winter months.

Another type of resort includes a historic site. A number of the historic sites in the Dominican Republic have been designated as a National Park. Resorts can draw visitors from across the region to these sites, because the scenery in the area is spectacular and the area is home to a number of unique animals and plant species. One popular destination resort includes the ruins of what was once a Spanish colonial mission.

All-inclusive resort destinations cater to a specific age group or lifestyle. Many of these destinations cater to the more mature traveler, as resorts that cater to families generally have high-end resorts and clubs and adult-only resorts. A number of the destination resorts also cater to families that want to go on vacation with small children. These resort destinations include dude ranches in the Caribbean and dude ranches in Mexico. While families may not enjoy staying at the resort with children, some adults may enjoy staying at these types of destination resorts with the all-inclusive pricing and the opportunity to mingle with other adults.

A popular location in the Dominican Republic for all-inclusive vacations is Puerto Plata. The island is well-known for its lush rainforest and for being one of the last true rainforest destinations left standing from the days of the Spanish colonial era. Puerto Plata has one of the best beaches in the entire Dominican Republic, which attracts tourists from around the world. Many destination resorts also cater to travelers who want to experience the lush jungle and other natural attractions of this area.